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  Mr. Starkey is a founding partner and serves as the President of QSI Consulting, Inc. Prior to founding QSI, Mr. Starkey founded and served as the Senior Vice President of Telecommunications Services at Competitive Strategies Group, Ltd. (CSG) in Chicago, Illinois.

Mr. Starkey's consulting career began in 1996 shortly before the passage of the Telecommunications Act of 1996. Since that time, Mr. Starkey has advised some of the world's largest companies (e.g., AT&T, MCI, Time Warner, Covad Communications, Siemens Corporation) on a broad spectrum of issues including the most effective manner by which to interconnect competing networks. Mr. Starkey's experience spans the landscape of competitive telephony, including interconnection agreement negotiations, mediation, arbitration, and strategies aimed at maximizing new technology. Mr. Starkey's experience is often called upon in his capacity as an expert witness. Since 1991, Mr. Starkey has provided testimony in more than 100 proceedings before approximately 40 state commissions, the FCC, and courts of varying jurisdiction. Mr. Starkey is a recognized expert in the area of econometric costing for telecommunications networks and has constructed, critiqued, and/or reviewed telecommunications costing models for the industry's largest companies.

Mr. Starkey's experience with competitive telecommunications issues is rooted in his previous employment by a number of state utility commissions. Mr. Starkey has worked as a staff member for the Missouri, Illinois, and Maryland public utility commissions. He served as Director of the Maryland Commission's Telecommunications Division and as the Senior Policy Analyst for the Illinois Commission's Office of Policy and Planning.

In addition to numerous industry seminars and training courses, Mr. Starkey's educational experience includes a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics from Southwest Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri and graduate work in finance from Lincoln University.

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